By definition, cold pressed juice is a beverage made by using a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Your body not only loves you for drinking it due to the immense nutritional benefits, but it is really refreshing and delicious.

Many juice bars most likely use high speed, centrifugal force juicers to extract juice (which heats up the juice, losing nutritional value and flavor). Others use a cold press to pre-bottle juice that is served to you off the shelves of a refrigerator. At Virtue, we want to incorporate the power of cold pressed juice into the made-to-order experience. With our cold press technology, we can cold press fruits and vegetables in front of you and serve you the freshest juice on the market in a matter of minutes.

Very healthy.  In a single juice, your body can receive vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from 2 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Juice is not meant to replace protein, insoluble fiber, or whole fruits and vegetables in your diet. Instead, think of our juices as daily, nutrient-dense sidekicks to help you add more veggies into your day to support a healthy lifestyle.

When frozen upon arrival, our juices will last two weeks in the freezer. Once thawed in the refrigerator, our juices remain fresh for 5 days unopened. Once opened, we recommend consuming your juice within 24 hours. (Juice must always be refrigerated!)

We like to thaw as many juices as we plan to consume the night before in the refrigerator.

Virtue is currently not certified organic due to the massively fluctuating costs of organic produce on the west coast. We simply cannot guarantee fair and consistent prices to our customers if we certify our products as organic at this time.

This does not diminish the high quality of our juices. We follow a practice called "organic select"; if a certain produce is better tasting and available at a fair price, we will source and offer it!

We exclusively use produce in our juices that is sourced from local farms, and have great relationships with our distributors. We make sure to have a hand at each step to ensure the freshest produce possible.

Our competitors that are certified organic often have to source produce that's been shipped from industrial farms in other states or even internationally. This produce has to endure long transit times for several days while its quality is quickly degrading.

Therefore, we make sure to press and bottle our juice within 48 hours of harvest from local farms.


Virtue juices are packaged frozen as a bag in a box, with insulated liners and cold packs. This keeps your order frozen and protected during transit.

Currently, we limit shipping to the West Coast of the continental United States. As we grow, we'll be excited to launch more shipping options that can support our goal of providing the best juices far and wide.

We do not offer international shipping.

Orders of juice are delivered only within a 250 mile radius of our production center via UPS Ground. This is so that trucks arrive to your door next-day, ensure juice stays within safe consumption temperature in transit.

Orders placed on Sunday - Wednesday will be delivered the same week. Orders placed on Wednesdays after 4:00pm Pacific through Saturday will ship out the following week to ensure inventory on hand and freshness.

At this time, our production facility is closed on weekends and holidays.

Once shipped, you'll see a tracking number in your inbox shortly.